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Question for Astrocade experts about model numbers


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The fourth time may be the charm for me when it comes to Astrocades. After returning three different units, the fourth is behaving the way it is supposed to. However, I have a question about the cover that originally came with it, as I'm not sure whether the one I have is original.


Mine looks like this:



The sticker on the underside of the unit looks like this:



Does anyone with a sticker that looks like mine (note that the sticker is silver, says "Bally Arcade" at the top, has the Bally address at the bottom, and has a model number of ABA-1000-2)?


It doesn't match any of the labels on this site: http://www.glankonia...m%20Labels.html


If you do have a match, does the cover look like the one above, or this one?



Again, I'm trying to find out if there was only one cover that came with this model (with the exact sticker) or whether there were different covers. Thanks to AA user TMOSteel for all of his invaluable help so far with Astrocade info!

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Looks like that silver label should go with a Bally Professional Acrade, from what I'm getting from the Bally Alley user group. Did you mention somewhere that the MFG date was 1977? If yes then I would definately say the BPA cover would be the one to match it with.


Keep in mind however AstroVision would have used whatever they had on hand when shipping out these systems. So probably the only real way to know what "came" with it would have been opening it up when it was brand new.


But hey, its yours now so you can use whatever cover you want!

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