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Homebrew Section on the Main Atari 2600 page (AtariAge.com/2600)


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Hey Guys,


I've done a bunch of reading here on this form in regards to homebrew games and where/how they should be listed in the threads. Here is my thoughts:

  • Have a section called Homebrew similar to the Hacks section on the 2600 page. This would have all the known homebrew games that are considered complete in terms of programming. I would keep out WIP, however when you click on the Author's name, if they want their WIPs listed it should be on the page about the Author.
  • In the rarity guide itself only list the homebrew games that were released onto a cartridge made available for people to get WITH the author's permission. I'll explain that, I'm sure there are some homebrew games that were never released on a cartridge with the author's permission but were made onto a cartridge. However, if a programmer got anyone else to make the cartridges for them and then released it themselves, that would be on the list. Great examples are the games available in the AtariAge store.
  • In the section called Homebrew have a search list that would divide the games by those that were released on cartridges and those that weren't. Also if possible it would be nice to be able to sort the list by the language the game was programmed in for example Assembly vs Batari Basic.
  • I think label variations should NOT be separate entries, but have a note on the game page of the different available labels variations.
  • Games that had the code change to update the game or make improvements should be noted, an example that comes to mind is Skeleton and Skeleton +.
  • In cases where its possible, having the links to the development thread and the original sale thread if possible would be nice as well.

Thoughts? Suggestions

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That's a good idea. How else am I supposed to know which is more recent/complete between 'Atari Homebrew v0.9' and 'Atari Homebrew 2006-11-03' ?


Exactly! Also with the availability of Harmony, I'm sure there are plenty of homebrew games out there finished but the programmer couldn't afford to make them into cartridges or didn't know how to and have been somewhat forgotten! i would love to have a breathing list if you will of all the various games people have "finished" for the 2600.

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