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Woo Hoo Thanks Albert for the new sub-forum


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Al even moved all those topics into here.


Coincidentally, I tripped on my plugged-in Genesis today and fried my Batman the Movie cart that was in it ... I am so upset about it, that was a prized find and I enjoy that game so much.


I didn't know that could happen.


So does that mean it your playing Genesis and the power flickers your cart can fry?

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huh? A sega genesis sub forum, but not a NES sub forum?


I've heard that all the sub forums in the Classic Gaming General forum are competitors to the atari game systems/computers. the NES Competed directly with the 7800 and it got rejected...

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Wow, big thumbs-up for this! Less need to go to other forums, and easier to find specific Genesis stuff, here.


I think it would be nice to have a sub-forum for each of the MAJOR consoles - big sellers/popular, as was Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo. There are just too many consoles out there to do this for here, but the heavy-hitters (like Genesis, of course) would be great!

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