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Pardon The Interruption - - TI99/4a "Arcade Edition" Sale


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My apologies to anyone that is offended by this blatant advertisement!


HOWEVER, I know many of you might not go over to the sale forum very often, and I just posted up what I think is a GREAT TI99/4a set with some hard-to-find, fun stuff!!



TOY TREASURE CHEST - Tuesday! Boxed/Loose 2600 + "Arcade Edition" TI-99/4a [link to my AtariAge.com "Marketplace" forum post]



If it's something you are interested in, I'm glad I could show it off, and if this just bugs the heck out of you, sorry about that!





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Last time I will bug 'ya - - promise! :D


I just dropped the price down $20, shipping still included.


If it doesn't sell, guess I will introduce my niece and nephew to the world of the TI99! Lucky kids . . .



Speaking of kids and computers, this classic SESAME STREET video features some kids drawing with a TI99 about 30 seconds through - -






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