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Really good games?


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Ristar (colorful platformer)

Ecco the Dolphin (1 in 200 people actually like the game. I am one of those that do. It's a strange hard to describe kind of game)

Altered Beast

Sword of Vermillion (dungeon crawler/RPG)

Super Hydlide (if you like this game, we will be best friends forever)

Rocket Knight Adventures (cute platformer)

Mystic Defender (action beat em uppy game)

Alisia Dragoon (actiony shooty game)

Gaiares (horizontal shooter)


Wings of Wor

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Some of my other favorites are


NHL 94 (one of the best sports games ever)


Mortal Kombat

Hard Drivin (I know tons of people think this game sucks but the replays are hilarous!)

Sonic 1

Golden Axe

Altered Beast

Revenge of Shinobi



I love most of the early games, my friend had a SMS and I was always playing it at his house and he had a ton of games


So when I got a Genesis the first games I got for the system were the Genesis versions (or sequels) to the original SMS games like Space Harrier, Outrun, Shinobi, Golden Axe, Altered Beast and so on


You cant go wrong with the early games

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Can anyone tell me which Genesis game has Mai Shiranui in it?


I had a look at King of Fighters '98 thinking she was there but she's not (at least not the one I found). And when I search Fatal Fury listings, it seems like any of them that were released for Genesis are also missing Mai.


I've always considered her the Chun-li of SNK and since I'm a huge Chun-li fan, I want to try Mai out but I can't seem to find which game for Genesis had her in it.


And yes, before anyone asks, I am definitely aware of the book cover she and Chun-li were on. ;)

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