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2011 Taito/Space Invaders plug 'n play - anyone try it?


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I've had this plug-and-play for several months. I've been holding off judgement, since I find most of the games enjoyable -- however, today I played it for a few hours and decided that the joystick is definitely inferior to my Jakk's Namco stick from a few years before. The stick on the Taito model is comparatively sloppy and loose, which leads to gameplay problems. Disappointing considering that my Jakk's Namco is years old and has over 100 hours of play. At this point, I would expect the controls of the Taito unit to work better than the Namco which was drop-kicked by drunken idiots at a block party... but no, at this point the Namco may look worse for wear but it still works better. I still enjoy playing it, but it could be so much better...

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I actually found them in K-Mart down here in Naples for 7.99!!!! (no kidding) But there were only 2 left. :(


I bought them both, I like the feel of them and plan on converting them to 7800 controllers being that they have real 8-way constrictors (instead of the 'box' constrictor which makes you hit diagonals WAY more then you want to).

I already made the 'look alike' earlier Pac-Man model a 7800 stick (but it's only 4-way - good for maze games but not for things like Scramble, Asteroids, etc.).



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Dollar General has them for $15.00 through 12/23/12.


Some of those games weren't in the arcades I frequented in my youth. This is the 1st time I've heard of them. The puzzle games look boring. The fairy and bubble games look really easy. I'd get it for Qix and Space invaders, but I gather Qix has issues with the joystick.

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