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War of the Worlds XBLA


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It came out yesterday. I didn't particularly care for how the player character moves. Patrick Stewart narrating it is pretty cool though.


My thoughts too.

I actually had 20min or so last night to mess with it.

The player felt not too responsive...laggy in jumps and rolls.

Not the great control found in simular games like Out of this world or Flashback

Im passing on it till maybe a price cut.

Its kinda like Ive seen this before....but the Patrick Stewart narration was pretty neato.

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I looked at it and said wow.... I have to have it....

then I played it.... the guy who wrote roofworld Christopher Fowler has written the script based on WOTW....

the game itself it horrible the control is all over the place....

though PS is awesome...

I will not be buying it..... that is something that I regret but its just ....

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I played the demo.

The visuals are very striking and I like the narration. The alien walker silhouettes in the background is especially nice.


I couldn't see the character on the screen in a few places because it was too dark. That's a sure way to get me NOT to buy a game... it's a pet peeve of mine.

The controls have some issues.

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