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Orcs Must Die


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Has anyone purchased this yet?

It's based loosely on the Tower Defense game idea.

You place traps to kill Orcs but you get to participate in killing Orcs in FPS fashion.

I tried the demo and it seemed fun but I was curious if anyone had played further in the game and what you think of it.

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I have been playing it fairly obsessively, and I think I wrote about it in another Xbox 360 forum. In short, I'm not a fan of the attempts at humor, but it's really addictive, well designed and good. Very satisfying all around.

At its base, it's really about tower defense strategy. But as is the trend with Tower Defense games, the action is very necessary and a part of the whole also. On the upside though, you don't have to be very good at FPS or whatnot, you just have to learn when and where to attack the Orcs personally, and things ought to go your way. I'm TERRIBLE player, action game wise, and I'm nearly through to the last level of the game with mostly 4 or 5 out of 5 skull ratings on each level.


So I highly recommend it, even if you try the demo and find the humor attempts to be a big miss as I do.

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I got stuck on one and had to look around for videos on it to get past it. I wound up using one trick they mentioned but going on my own afterwards and succeeding.


Now I'm to the next to last level, and it is a very serious pain and I kind of hate it. But I appreciate the challenge, but it's really so hard it's not fun anymore. I'm afraid it's one of those "you have to do REALLY well with the action part of the game" things that I may be destined to not have success with. But I shall search out video of how to do it right and perhaps move past it.


In any case, the game is well worth the investment of time and $.

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