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Season 7 Round 9 - Tecmo Bowl


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Welcome to round 9 of the 7th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


This week's game is going to be Tecmo Bowl.


Title: Tecmo Bowl

Developer: Tecmo

Publisher: Tecmo

Released: February 1989 (US)




We're going to score this round by margin of victory. So take your score, subtract your opponents score, and there you go. Please just post the score of the game when you post. 35-7, 55-10, etc. You can play as any team you want. Just experiment and see what works best for you.


You obviously have to play in 1-player mode.


This round will end on Sunday, November 13th.




Scores so far:


Current standings:


1. bigbee99	 30
2. asponge	 29
3. Austin	 27
4. HatefulGravey	 24
5. SoulBlazer	 18
6. roadrunner	 11
7. Jibbajaba	 10
8. LarcenTyler	 7
9(t). NightSprinter	 3
9(t). classicgamer_27330	 3
9(t). Sonic R	 3
12. theKLT	 2
13(t). dustfilledhobo	 1
13(t). Algus	 1
13(t). DemonoidTentacle	 1
13(t). Cebus Capucinus	 1
13(t). NE146	 1

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Almost every time i pass the ball, i throw a INT.

I threw 3 in one game before i quit.

I was doing good running the ball.


Is it possible to block a punt or field goal? :)



I got called for a saftey on a kickoff return.

I was trying to kneel down on the ball and got tackled. :(

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You have to watch your receivers once the play starts. If they're covered, they will stay covered. If they aren't, then throw. It all depends on what play the defense calls. You can not get a touchback in Tecmo Bowl. Run the ball out of the end zone. You can "block" a kick by getting to the holder before the ball is kicked, but it's almost impossible to do so.



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AlvinKarpis is setting the bar pretty high this round so I had to defect from my usual Chicago Bears and find a team with a better passing game. I tried Miami which resulted in a 60-0 game against New York. In all my years of playing this game I've seen only two or three blocked extra points. New York actually blocked three extra points in this single game. Unbelievable. My scores by quarter that game were 14, 20, 6, and 20.


However, I also tried San Francisco which I used to experiment with back in the day. I was able to pull a 70-07 victory over Denver:


Score: 70-07

Points: 63



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Wow. Three touchdowns in 1 quarter is pretty good. Doing it twice in one game is outstanding!



Wow! Chris is right scoring three TDs in a quarter twice is amazing


Now im going to have to use SF and hope that Ronnie Lott can rack up some serious INTs


Thanks. Trying to score more than two touchdowns a quarter was my exact reason for switching teams. I could consistently get two every quarter with Chicago. However I figured that I could get the ball down the field faster by passing and leave myself more time per quarter.


Also, when I tried with Miami I did ok offensively, but I couldn't find a defensive player that was very fast. The center for San Franscisco is pretty quick so that helped with some interceptions and really just allowed me to stop the play faster.


I hope to try again sometime this week and see if I can do it again or if I just got lucky.

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Well, it was 63 and 0, no time on the clock, I pass to Mike Wilson and running into the end zone when I get tackled at the 10 yard line. Awwww rats! I didn't dodge the diving tackle quickly enough. So, I almost repeated my success of the other night, with a shutout, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.


However, I'm convinced that the key element in scoring so many times is defense. It really comes down to how fast you can stop the play and turn over the ball. The best games I had were ones where I was calling the right defensive plays, stopping the run and especially intercepting the ball.


Although I think Roadrunner is on to something with Denver:

And why does Denver always go for it on 4th down?

They had 4 or 5 4th downs and they went for it every time. :(

Turning the ball over on 4th down like this is way faster than a punt. So I think with regard to my highest scoring game, the stupidity of the Denver offense was a contributing factor.

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I am so pissed! In the 4th quarter I scored 3 times and had 3 INTs and was rolling!


There were 10 seconds left and I kicked off, I got the returner and there were 5 seconds left


Denver ran a running play and my defender missed the runner and he took off running super fast and ran 80 yards for the TD with no time on the clock!


I was in shock! I couldnt believe it! I almost threw my controler! (lol if I was 12 years old I would have launched it)


So instead of being tied for the lead with 63 points now this game is for nothing! And if I would have scored twice in the 3rd quarter I would have been still tied! So frustrating



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Yes! I had an INT at the end of the 2nd quarter right before halftime! If I would have had one more play I could have scored a TD for 4 TDs in one quarter, But Howie Long got tackled as time expired


Still I finally caught up to asponge


Score 63-0


Points 63





And yes I saw that Denver scored on you on the last play of the game as well Roadrunner


Thats crazy! I was so pissed

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