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nanoPEB Box


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I don't think there are any nanoPEB/CF7+ devices with a box around. But I would sure like to get one :-o

This would make a great community project, considering how many nanoPEBs and CF7+ devices there are out there.


The nanoPEB/CF7+ is probably the only TI-99/4A homebrew hardware of the last 15 years that actually put some $$$$ in the authors' pocket :grin:

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For ideas, have a look at the ZX81 16K Ram Pack:






Yes this looks close to something that would work. It looks like I would need to change out the power switch so that it protrudes from the case but that is doable. The case would still need to be opened to get at the flash card but that isn't a huge deal.

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I have conjectured to the use of dead Speech Synthesizer cases, but have not done any measurements.


Initially, not a fan of the RAM pack design idea, but the ribbon cable connector would seem to be an advantage. I have actually looked around for project cases from various sites.


Yes, I think this project is well worth-while and could be worth a few bucks to whomever solves the problem. I think the biggest problem is the port layout, in particular the parallel port on the front. Though the modular design of the unit means that one can orient it however one wishes providing the expansion port ribbon cable and CF adapter are mounted properly after reorientation.

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