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Looking for info on Kellogg's Xbox lcd games promo box


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I have the games (awesome promo), but never seen anything like that box. They actually had two sets of game promos.

A set of 5 with silver and neon green colors, and than later a set of 6 that was mainly black and red.


It looks like this was from the second set. Maybe they were given out to employees at the time? Maybe for folks involved with working on the the promo.


I dunno just guessing. Still pretty cool, even if the games are pretty cheap.

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I found it at a local thrift shop for $5, so not much invested in it. I am sure there is a ton of these at the bottom of my kids toy box. The top slides back, the games are in formed plastic and all work. The lucite is about 1/4" thick so its heavy-ish. I used to collect cereal prizes, but had never seen one of these before.

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