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Peritel boards


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I got some NOS atari dealer parts (A box full!) and it has some atari computer peritel boards with the video output socket on one side and a header on the other. I assume these are for a 1200.


The markings say:



Peritel Adaptor

Assy CA061034





I figure in the US these are pretty rare and any info would be great.

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I think it might be for a 400 or 800. What it probably does is amplify each luma output comming from the CTIA or GTIA and then connects each one to R G B plus the SYNC signal to an RGB monitor instead of combining them for use in composite or Y-C video. It's kind of a poor-man's RGB for the Atari. So, your lumanence values now create some color on an RGB monitor.


Somewhere, I have a couple of fuzzy zerox pages describing how to do this and has a schematic too. That information looks very very much like this.

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Well let's think of this. For RGB you need red, green, blue, ground and if the monitor doesn't sync-on-green, you'd also need sync. That makes 5 pins. I wonder what the other 3 pins are for. Are all pins of the connector connected to something on the PCB?


Audio and composite video most likely.



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