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Ms. 'Splosion Man - Anyone catch the Atari tie-in?

Metal Ghost

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Been playing Ms. 'Splosion Man with my two girls. Only 'modern' game I'm playing during this, my retro gaming month :)


But anyway, I wasn't sure if anyone else caught this, but it's pretty funny IMO. At the very beginning a live action, maybe 10 second intro takes place for Twisted Pixel's in-house 'Beard' game engine. Besides the fact that a dude who's obviously hamming it up looks at the camera at the end and says "Your move, Unreal", which I laughed at, right before that he's typing on what I think is an Atari 800 computer, but that they've taken a ripped strip of paper and scribbled on it 'Beard 2600TM'.


Just thought it was a cute little tie-in to watch out for.

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@bomberpunk....hah, yea, right. These games are nothing if not true to themselves. No superfluous actions to worry about, it's all about making 'sploding as accessable as possible! LOL I actually remember when Twisted Pixel first announced 'Splosion Man to the press....everyone thought it was an April Fools Day joke. To think that such a concept could make for such a good set of games....who knew?


@Psycho - thanks for confirming....I was pretty sure, but I'm not as into the computer side of things so I wasn't sure. Yea, Twisted Pixel have a knack for cracking me up with their antics (wow, does 'antics' make me sound old or what??). But that intro took the cake....look, a 'Splosion Man reference!

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