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SPEECH added to MLC


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I have added the SPEECH to MLC and the PreCompiler (so the "16 bytes in fast ram" problem is solved).


Just a little video, I modified the SCROLL program to make it talk. You can see that MLC has enough power to manage 3 sprites, build a scroll from the character definitions and talk at the same time.




With the PreCompiler, to use a standard word from the SPEECH ROM, you just have to type this:



As the precompiler has a database with the standard words, it will turn this to

SAY &H351A

That is the rom address of this word.


If you want to make it say a whole sentence, here is the minimal program:


startdata			   ; define a table with the words addresses
	words &wI &wAM &wTHE
enddata A
FOR I 0 5
	GETTABLE A(I) W	 ; get address of next word
	SAY W			   ; say word
		TALKING?		; wait while computer is talking
NEXT					; go to next word


You can still define your own words with the byte definitions using SAYUSER. Here is the one taken from the E/A manual:


startdata	 ; defines a table with the byte definitions
word 118		 ; first word is the number of bytes
bytes 166,209,198,37,104,82,151
bytes 206,91,138,224,232,116,186
bytes 18,85,130,204,247,169,124,180
bytes 116,239,185,183,184,197,45,20,32,131
bytes 7,7,90,29,179,6,60,206,91,77
bytes 136,166,108,126,167,181,81,155,177,233
bytes 230,0,4,170,236,1,11,0,170,100
bytes 53,247,66,175,185,104,185,26,150,25
bytes 208,101,228,106,86,121,192,234,147,57
bytes 95,83,228,141,111,118,139,83,151,106
bytes 102,156,181,251,216,167,58,135,185,84
bytes 49,209,106,4,0,6,200,54,194,0
bytes 59,176,192,3,0,0
enddata A	 ; A will be the name of the bloc
sayuser A,1	 ; say words, 1=from CPU RAM


Last, you can SAY a user definition located in VDP RAM (for example your string$) using

SAYUSER vdp_address, -1


I will put everything on my page...



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I will put everything on my page...




Where's your page please...


Everything is now on my pages!


For MLC:

http://gtello.pagesperso-orange.fr/mlc_e.htm (english)

http://gtello.pagesperso-orange.fr/mlc_f.htm (français)


For PreCompiler:




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