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A question about new xbox hard drive and memory cards?


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that is incorrect. as long as you buy a similar hard drive model, any hard drive will work. of course, with the recent flooding in Asia, hard drive prices have gone through the roof. it may actually be cheaper to buy an official Microsoft drive! :P




note that by using the aforementioned guide, Microsoft will know each and every system that used the guide and could potentially ban all these people who buy unauthorized drives since they'll have matching identifiers. MS most likely won't do that because there are enough fake drives being sold to "unsuspecting" people from places like Amazon that it would be a nightmare to handle all the complaints in customer service. In fact, finding an authentic drive off of Amazon can be an adventure with the only guideline being if it's cheap, it's most likely a fake. I personally think it's safe but don't hold me to that. :grin:


So much for the "proprietary" hard drive then, which they had announced with the specs of the new console. Glad to see the same procedure for hard drive replacement works for the newer console, even with the 320GB drive. Looks I'll be shopping for a swap drive this weekend, thanks for the information.

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You can take the drive apart and the inside drive will work inside the 360s to my understanding.


I know Microsoft was just being cheap bastards when they took the memory card slot off the S model, but I wish they hadn't. I never used the HDD on my old system and I lost EVERYTHING (profiles, saves, XLA games, 20kish gamer score) when I had to buy a new console because there is simply no way to get the info off of the memory cards (the "transfer" cable is only for the HDD, another option to getting saves from your fat box to the s box)


anyhow, if you had no problems with the old console, that's cool, but it's good to get a new one at last anyways.

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Doesnt the memory card use a form of USB with a proprietary connection. Wouldn't there be a way to use a standard USB cable and find out the pins on the memory card and make a adapter of sorts and plug it in to the 360s USB port.


What about an adapter like this:



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