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HSC and Knockout Announcement


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Let's take care of a little housekeeping... shall we...


First of all, for the HSC...


After the current game completes (Beauty and the Beast), HSC Season #2 will come to an end. From this point forward, as most players have stated they have more time available in the winter to play games, we will be running two HSC seasons each year. The odd numbered seasons (Starting with HSC #3) will be the Winter specials. Even numbered seasons will be the normal HSC, and run for the remainder of the year. HSC #3 will start at the top of the new year...


Now that's out of the way, let's get to what you all are here for... the Knockout competition. The Knockout competition will be starting on January 1st as well, with one modification from my original setup... I went to the well to think how to make this more interactive, more fun for all, and I think I've come up with it.


Game #1 has already been selected (and will be released on New Years Day). The player not making the cut will be eliminated at the approiate time, and the player just avoiding elimination will have the ability to choose the next knockout game. That player will have three hours from the time the KO/HSC admin announcing the final scores/elimination. Failure to do so will result in the admin placing the next game in play. The Admin also does hold the right to substitute a pick if it is not HSC/KO playable (aka not a definable scoring and/or target available in the game -- Example : Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack) Also, each game may only be used once in each Knockout season (with the exception of the final three games).


So, if your signed up, get ready... If your not, it's not too late.... Let's game on INTV'ers, and find out who will be the King of the Mountain!

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