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Pitfall II - does it sound the exact same?


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On 7/22/2019 at 4:10 PM, davyK said:

It sounds bloody awful no matter which version. I really dislike the Pitfall II music.

It sounds better than the music in Pitfall (I), that's for damned sure. ;)


I still plan to do this comparison I mentioned last week but I misplaced my capture dongle. I found it last night so I plan to try it this weekend and see what I see. Er, "hear what I hear." You know what I mean.



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the song really grinds on you, i think its half the reason i gave up.  i gave up about 2/3's through the game.  It was just those timed pelicans, over and over and over. and that song, over and over.  great graphics though but i couldn't take it, im not even loading it up on my harmony cart rt now, i give up.  i also ran through the version w/ removed collison detection just to get to the top and run through the whole game.  

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I'm afraid I'm one of those people who think Pitfall is a bit overrated. Technically it is a marvel. As a game it is good - very good for it's time - and I played it a lot - but it wouldn't appear in my list of favourites.


The first game was enough for me. When it came to Pitfall 2 I wasn't patient enough nor found it enjoyable enough to perservere with it. The music probably cut short the time I spent with it.


 I actually think some sort of hack of original Pitfall that ups the difficulty and incorporates an endless survival mode would be very enjoyable. Might be asking too much from the game kernel , but a 2 player race with the screen split like Xenophobe would actually be rather wonderful.

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Okay, at long last here's what I promised last week. These were both recorded using OBS and a cheap USB capture dongle straight from my A/V modded 7800. I recorded approximately the same amount of gameplay (through the first two gold bars) but due to slight differences in my gameplay and a bit of delay stopping the recording from one track to the other, they're not exactly the same except for the first several seconds before I got the first gold bar.  In the old days (before my last MacBook Pro died in 2016), I'd have imported the tracks into Logic Pro and compared the waveforms, maybe even tried some frequency analysis. Sadly, with my PC although I have and have played around with both Audacity for basic audio and Reaper for DAW stuff, I haven't used either very extensively and don't know quite how to duplicate what I would have done.


Anyway, here you go.





Pitfall_II_Cartridge.mp3 Pitfall_II_Harmony.mp3

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Yep, I didn't hear any difference either. I could also have loaded up one on my AV-modded 4-switch Woody and the other on the 7800 and just flipped between video inputs on my TV but you know, there's only so far I'll go in the name of science early on a Saturday evening when I still have beer to attend to. ;) 

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