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XBL Gold 12mo back at $39.99


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It happens probably 5-6 times a year between buy.com, amazon.com and newegg.com. You can also have up to 3 years worth of Gold on your account at any one time. Mine normally expires in October so I've got 2 years and 9 months left on my subscription. I only do that since there's a chance they may jack up the price in the future like they already have once.


I use slickdeals.net to figure out when they're happening. I've got email alerts setup on the site so I know when people post xbox related deals.

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@amazon - this is perfect timing for me, as my account expires in like a month!


how often do they do this?


there are a number of amazon price tracking sites that I use to get a feel for how often sales occur: camelcamelcamel and thetracktor. If it rarely goes on sale, you jump on any deal. If it always goes on sale, you can wait for the right time. And it's great for seeing what is considered a great deal and what isn't. better than slickdeals where the accuracy of people's memory fails them. but of course, you need cheapassgamer and slickdeals to find out about the deals. then use a price tracker to determine whether or not it's a good deal.


the reason why it's okay that these trackers are for amazon only is that Amazon is pretty predatory. They often wait for these other places to offer great deals and then they match it. So Best Buy will come out with an awesome deal and then within the day, Amazon will match as much as they can. The exception is bundles. Walmart had the new Microsoft wireless headset with bluetooth with 3 months of Xbox Live Gold for $40. Amazon only pricematched the headset but didn't include the 3 months of Gold.


don't forget that buy.com is selling it for $36.99 right now:


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