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Seemingly random questions about Pong.


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I'm writing a report about Pong and it's history, and I had a few questions.


One. How much did it cost to play a round of pong, and it was 90 seconds a round correct?


Two. Where would you find a pong machine in 1972/1973? Bars? Anywhere else?


Three. Did Pong's controls in the arcade differ from the Pong consoles?


I may have a few more that I can't remember. Anyways if someone who grew up at this time could help me out here, that'd be wonderful. Thanks.

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The original Pong was placed in a place named "Andy Capp's Tavern". They mostly ended up in bars. Play was $0.25 per game, but I don't think there was a time limit - fairly certain it was 2 player only and you played to a certain score. As far as controls, they were the same. Potentiometer controlled the paddle position.

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