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Sonic Music: Best of the Best


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here's my personal list of top 3 songs (in order) from Sonic 1-3. Sonic 2 was nearly impossible to cut down.



1st - Scrap Brain Zone

2nd - Star Light Zone

3rd - Green Hill Zone

HM - Final Zone

(almost made it: Marble Garden Zone)



1st - Mystic Cave Zone

2nd - Final Zone

3rd - Oil Ocean Zone

HM - Casino Night

(almost made it: Chemical Plant Zone, Metropolis Zone, Ending)



1st - Carnival Night Zone 1

2nd- Carnival Night Zone 2

3rd - Final Boss

HM : Angel Island Zone 2 (this song jacked one part from the NES Bomberman game)



leaving SONIC & KNUCKLES out of this. meh.



that was fun. post yours.

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I love pretty much all the music from the first three Sonic games, and I count S+K as part of Sonic 3. Sonic 3D Blast for the Saturn and PC, and Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast also had good tunes.


Some of my favorites:


Sonic 1: Spring Yard Zone, Star Light Zone

Sonic 2: Casino Night Zone, Death Egg Zone

Sonic 3: Carnival Night Zone (Act 1), Icecap Zone (Act 1)

S+K: Sandopolis Zone (Act 1)

Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn): Rusty Ruin Zone (Act 2), Gene Gadget Zone (Act 1), Panic Puppet Zone (Acts 1 and 2)

Sonic Adventure: "Open Your Heart" (Sonic's Theme), Twinkle Park (remake of a song originally from the Genesis version of Sonic 3D Blast)


I haven't played any other Sonic games enough to have an opinion about the music. Sadly that includes Sonic CD.

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