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Atari st Games

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You need to get a compact flash adapter to either emulate a floppy drive or hdd, then wire it into the ST before you can go about downloading games to play on the system itself


actually i've heard all you need to do is format a floppy disc to 720k and copy the game files to it and it'll work i just need to know were to get the game files

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Well you need to format it as an atari disk, can't format it as a msdos disk, so you need some hardware in between the disk drive and the PC to be able to transfer files onto it..

oh i see well what would i need and how would i use it (step by step directions if you could please i'm a liitle slow with stuff like this)

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The necessary hardware would need to be custom made, and if you price it up isn't really worth it, better off getting a satandisk SD card reader :)

hmmm well surley there must be a way to copy the files to a floppy disc and have it play....i've heard the st can read ibm coded floppy's with no trouble

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Seriously dude, floppies as great as they are, they are not the most reliable storage solution! eventually they die, SD is the way forward, if you want to buy blank 720 disks and transfer the disk image files across then go for it, but its more hassle then its worth

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You can use DC Format on the ST to add the IBM boot sector to the disk which will allow you to transfer ST files directly from the PC to ST diskette.


I forgot. If your ST has TOS 1.4 or greater, there is no need to use a utility to add a compatible boot sector.

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