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General TI hardware questions


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I have happily discovered my very first and original TI-99/4A console and program recorder, the very kit that started it all for me, tucked away in a box I rescued from the rear of my storage. Well, started me at home, anyway, since I had been using the Apple ][ at school.


I digress. Amongst the goodies I found was the wall-wart version of the TI power adapter. I see there is a difference between the floor model and the wall-wart in power: wall-wart outputs 18VAC 22.0VA, 7.5VAC 1.0VA; floor unit outputs 18VAC 18VA, 8.5VAC 1.28VA. Interesting that the power consumption is 36W and 40W, respectively. Is there any real reason for the difference between the two?


To that effect, has anyone considered replacing the TI internal PSU with something which runs entirely on DC, considering that we have much better options for DC power sources these days?


Also, I have a CF7+ (or whatever the one is that has the parallel port) and it has a 4GB card in it. I will never use 4GB of space for my TI stuff (famous last words, I know.) I have a 2MB unit which would better suit my current needs. Is there any preparation needed to use a different CF card with the CF7+/nanoPEB?


I might have more as time goes on. Not necessarily today, but sometime. I might even encourage others to put their silly, can-be-found-in-a-FAQ, RTFM, and other hardware questions.

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Power. A few of the ICs require the -5V supply to be applied before the +5V and +12V. There shouldn't be a problem running the board from a different PSU as long as this is observed. [iIRC if you don't apply power in the right order then it can cause damage in the long term; it is unlikely to zap the board immediately. But don't quote me.]


CF7. Just insert the card and use CALL FORMAT to format the volumes. Note that not all cards will work with the unit - but you'll lose nothing by trying.



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