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TurboForth website updated


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I got sick and tired of the all grahics and stuff on the TurboForth website, so I removed the lot. It's much better now, and works much better on mobile browsers.


Note: I have also added a language reference to the site. If you want to know what a word does, you can go look it up on the site. If you can't remember a particular, you can look for it by type - e.g. Math words, String words etc.


Hopefully this will help people wanting to dip their toes into the TurboForth pool. The water's not as cold as you think!


Oh, lastly, there's a quite length introduction to Forth programming, right there, on the site (it's actually the first chapter from the book) so you can take your first steps in Forth right now, if you so desire!


The website is at http://turboforth.net





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I just can't stop hackin'. The language reference is updated, correct to V1.1 specs, re-formatted for display on the web, and, most importantly, hyper-linked so if a Forth word mentions another word, you can just jump straight to it - no scrolling up and down the page to find stuff. Took me hours so 'yall better say you like it, or else!

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