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the "Would you like to buy Elansar" Poll


Would you like to buy Elansar, for which platform ?  

43 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you like to buy Elansar, for which platform ?

    • Atari Jaguar (cartridge + 4 pages manual) ~50?
    • Atari Falcon 030 (CD + Crystal Box + Manual) ~15?
    • Playstation (CD + Crystal Box + Manual) ~15?
    • Nec PC Engine super-cdrom² (CD + Crystal Box + Manual) ~15?

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I voted Atari Jaguar cart.

This project looks very promising.


Would you consider a cheaper (say ~15€) ROM release for Skunkboard or BJL owners?

Of course there would be a higher risk of piracy... but I hope it isn't a real threat. Who would do that?


Personally I'm ok with a 50€ cart but I'd appreciate a ROM release.

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I can generally afford one $100 (US) game every six months and I generally want it to be a good quality game for that price. Games like Battlesphere Gold, Total Carnage, and Robin's Requiem were in that bracket. Towers 2 was also in that bracket along with Worms that I also bought. Was disappointed with Towers 2.


This game looks promising so would probably buy the cart version, but the rom release version I would also be up for (since I have a Skunkboard).

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DrTypo > I don't think skunkboard support eeprom save ? You will have to restart the game each time :/

The BJL version is not possible, It's already hard to fit the game in 4Mbytes cartridge ! (more than 100 pictures, sounds and sfx ...)

The price 50€ is approximate, maybe it will be cheaper depending on how much cart will be ordered.

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I must admit I had hoped for a lower price for a Jaguar version because the Jagware flashcart was announced to cost less than 15 Euros (parts only) last I heard... so I expected something in the price range from 25 - 30 Euros for a game like Elansar with box. :(


That said, why don't you offer different versions? I would still be interested in the PlayStation-version for example, but I wouldn't want Jaguar players to miss out either... so maybe you can produce versions for all systems?


Price to make a cart game is not cheap. even if the pcb is cheap the box + white inserts for the nice box, manual, cart shells, time for soldering/assembly and programming of the boards/chips


Im currently in the middle of obtaining parts for a cart release using atari NOS (new old stock) cartridge pcbs, eprom chips, and shells and it gets pricey pretty quick for even a small amount of cartridges...


If zerosquare gets those flash carts lined up and through a manufacturer that will adhere to their standards then i think all future developers (and current ones) will definatly have a cheaper alternative for getting the games out to users that want to play them. Workload and cost will both be dropped.

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