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Repairing a Vectrex


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I bought a Vectrex yesterday and there is a issue with the electronics inside the unit. The Spaceship in Minestorm constantly spins and if you try to use the thruster it goes in a tiny circle. It does the same things regardless whether or not the control is plugged in (You can shoot and warp with the controller plugged in just not move or control the spinning).



Any help would be Appreciated




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If you turn the system on when no game is installed, the Vectrex will go into Minestorm on its own, You should just sit there with the ship pointing up until the first mine hits you.


Your machine sounds like it is getting a signal to spin the ship even with the controller unplugged. Unplug your controller and inspect the 9 pins in both controller sockets. You are looking for any pins that are bent and touching or possibly any debris like a small wire or metal shaving that is bridging two pins.


See if this helps, as your next step would be to download the service manual and see if the symptoms are listed in there.


Good luck

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