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[AQUARIUS] Data format for game "blocks"


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Finally getting back to some hobby time with my Aquarius programming and looking for some advice/ideas on storing the information for game "blocks" that will contain character and code information I've thought about something along these lines(C code example for z88dk) :



int block1[6]={x,y,a,c,d,e,f,g,acol,bcol,ccol,dcol,ecol,fcol,gcol};



Where x and y would represent block size by number of characters, a to g would be the character code values from the Aquarius character set and acol to gcol would be the corresponding colour values.



The block draw routine would contain a variation of the following:





To place the relevant character and colour values in memory.


Is this along the right lines? I'm trying not to overcomplicate the structure so that any thing written is easily portable to other platforms, I would also like to document/share any useful routines written so that we are not all having to reinvent the wheel ;-)



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