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Rarity check PAL carts


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I saw that many already are listed as rare, but I find it hard to believe that some are actually somewhat rare that I own O_o


ski run (blue-/green-ish cover)

criminal persuit (dark green cover)

obelix (silver cover)

wing war (white cover with black letters)

ikari warriors (red cover)

Defender (2x, black and blue-/green-ish cover)


and some others:



Ghostbusters II


Open Sesame

World End

Dancing Plate

Inca Gold

Condor Attack


My sources were


- http://www.atarimani...ity=10&step=200

- The list of R10's compiled by Rom hunter: http://www.atariage....ost__p__2314042

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Post pics of your cartridges and we'll see if they are the right variations.

Unfortunately there are a lot of releases out there, and a lot of label variations and different company releases, some are rarer than others.

If you are planning to sell any - be sure to send me a message!

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The Trivial (brain freeze) Criminal Pursuit and Ski Run are from the TP-6 series: http://www.atarimani...r_2419_2_G.html not hugely rare, but not common either. Wing War, and Blue Defender are in the same boat. Ikari Warriors is relatively common these days I believe,.... but that blue text Defender whoa R11 ;)

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Thanks :) It is sometimes pretty hard to identify these because there are so many identical titles from different designers with different editions.

Which do you think would still be interesting to sell?

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