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Genesis controller information?


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I don't have an answer for you, but I would be interested to know what's out there as well. One YouTuber in particular (DanesGames) has been showing off a lot of Genesis/MegaDrive that I never even knew existed! There seems to be a ton of different controllers out there for it.

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SegaRetro has a good database on hardware.





Nice! This looks like a great resource of information. I've already learned something new--Behold, the Sega Action Chair!






Neat! I hadn't seen that before. :)


That's a great database! They don't quite seem to have everything - ie: the various mainboard revisions for the Model 1 and 2, as well as individual variations of the 6 button pad - but there is definitely lots of stuff I have never seen before.


They don't have everything, but they frequently go onto boards like Sonic Retro and Sega-16 and ask people to help them improve their database. They WANT to have everything. ;-)

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