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Atari Flashback 3... any good?

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So, I saw the Flashback 3 for sale at my local Rite Aid for $40, and nearly grabbed it up on impulse. Then I remembered that I have to eat this week so it didn't happen. :D Now, all controversy about the circumstances of the FB3's release aside, has anyone played it? Is it any good? Thanks.

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I picked one up yesterday at Wal Mart for $39. Was playing Super Baseball today with my grandson. We got to the second inning and the game suddenly reset and went back to the splash screen. What's with that?

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I received my Atari Flashback 3 in the mail and I hooked it up and I love it,

the graphics are fine on my TV which is a monster old school model

The joysticks are looser than the original ones, I have 2 original Atari 2600 Joysticks .

The games are as I remember them

The sound quality is great


1 question though. . . . . . .


Do all of the Atari Flashbacks have different games or the same games plus added games ???

I couldn't find Space Invaders on my Flashback 3

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