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Cmart and Rev's Top 30 Intellivision Variations


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Any specific titles, or them as a whole? Are they that rare? I have many.

The ones that say it up in the graphics, instead of the bottom of the box with the other text. Football and MLB are most common, followed by Armor Battle, then Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack, Checkers, Backgammon, and Math Fun.


NBA and the red Space Battle are suspected to exist, but unproven so far. Check your pile ;-)


Do you even collect, Bro? :) lol

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It's the same like the english version cmart already posted. Only with german text.


"Nach dem beliebten Arcade Spiel aus den Spielhallen" :)

Os it a silver barrel version? if it is hide it well, Cmart has spies in Fermany trying to find it.

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