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Implementing Pause


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Maybe my synapses just aren't firing today.


I can't seem to find the info on how to implement the Pause buttonin 7800 code when I search the forums and the 7800 programmer's guide-- but it's gotta be somewhere, so I must just be overlooking it..


Could someone point me in the right direction?




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AFAIK it's the same as reading the color/B&W switch for 2600 programming...bit 3 of SWCHB (address $0282). What you need to do is use an additional ram bit of storage to hold a current game state (i.e. paused or not paused) as well as a bit to hold a copy of what the switch state was on the previous frame...and only flip the former when the latter changes from %1000 to %0000 (i.e. the switch is initially being pressed).

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An example here. To keep things simple, I stored SWCHB to a full byte...but you can probably notice how to trim that down to a single bit.



lda SWCHB ;get new switches

tax ;save for later

eor old_copy ;compare with old

and #$08 ;keep only pause switch

beq QUIT ;branch if no change

and old_copy ;was it on (and now off)?

beq QUIT ;branch if not

lda game_state

eor #PAUSE_FLAG ;flip pause status

sta game_state ;and update game state



stx old_copy ;save current switches

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