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Atari Flashback 1 NES cartridge

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Hello People.

I have the original Atari Flashback and I was wondering, since it was NES-on-a-chip hardware then could you possible install a NES cartridge port. I have some electronics knowledge and I am alright with a solder.




P.S. I do not mean add a Atari Cartridge port to a Flashback 2 by the way.

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I'd love to know how to do it also. I started a thread on that subject (nearly seven years in the past now!), and I've still got two FB1 consoles waiting for the mod, but it seems that the necessary technical details are not forthcoming. According to Curt Vendel,


I have asked the engineers that did the FB1 PCB layout numerous times if they would release a copy of the PCB layout to me, however I think that they are a bit peeved at Atari for not fully paying them for their services on Flashback 2, so they haven't responded, if I could get the pcb layout files, combined with the chip pin-outs I could pinpoint where on the boards you could tap the cartridge bus lines.
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Thanks. I was wondering though. On your other thread someone mentions tracing the Nintendo on a chip lines on the circuit board. You don't neceslary have to find the Atari PCB pinout. If you could find out what the NOAC pinout is and then work out how it connects to controllers it may be possible.

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