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CV Games and SGM High Score Saving?


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Will the SGM allow high score saving to all CV games that have scoring, or only specifically designed games that aupport HS saving on the SGM? If that is the case, are there any Opcode games that have that feature ready for when the SGM is released?




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There's no such feature built into the SGM. If there's any kind of high-score saving, it will have to be integrated into the cartridge itself. I know Donkey Kong Arcade will have such a feature, not sure about the other future games from Opcode.

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Correct, the SGM doesn't offer saving. That must be provided by the cartridge itself. Specifically about future games from Opcode, as long as there is a high score display in the game, that game will offer high-score saving. In addition to that, some games can also offer other forms of data saving. For example, Donkey Kong will retain the latest gaming settings, while Goonies will remember the last stage you completed, so you can restart from there.

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