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I adopted the rarity scale. hope thats okay? (als)

Nintendo Penguin

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This message is intended for one of the Als, but if any AtariAge members would like to give an opinion, that is certainly welcome.



I hope you don't mind, but I have adopted your rarity scale for my website. I do give AtariAge credit for creating the original scale, and site the following reasons for using it:


This is what appears on my site - The rarity scale you are looking at was originally developed by AtariAge, we have adopted this scale for a couple of reasons. One, it is a great scale and gives a great description of what you can expect. Two, the AtariAge scale, for lack of a better term, is sort of the "industry standard". Many gamers will instantly recognize the rating system and this will help maintain a consistency throughout the hobby... therefore we felt it would be prudent to use the same system. Some of the older Nintendo rarity guides, like the one composed by Mike Etler in 1996, use a "letter grade" system to define rarity, while that system does work, VintageGamer.net feels the "number" system is more representative of the current market.



I am not trying to undermind your original work in any way, it is a really great scale and I would like to adopt it for VintageGamer.net.


The guide can be seen at this address: http://www.vintagegamer.net/reference_page...arity_guide.htm






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The 1 to 10 scale I do not believe was started by AA although the descriptions used are original, also as a side note there is very similar one that can be found at DP which I believe precedes the AA scale (different descriptions but very similar) but again I am not sure if DP was even the original creator of the scale.



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