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Atari consolette jukebox? Anyone ever heard of this?

Red 5

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Was browsing eBay and saw this. I thought I knew about all the oddball Atari stuff, but never saw this. Was it ever released? Anyone have one? (CPU? Wonder?) any info on it? The inter webs have limited info...



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what's pictured in that flyer would be described as a 'wallbox'... a remote control of sorts, for the single Jukebox located elsewhere. But a lot of people confuse them with being *the* jukebox. As if the little thing on the wall held any records and provided any amplification. :lol:

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These were all done by a French company Atari also licensed to manufacture their coin-ops over there. There were a whole series of Atari branded jukeboxes through them, I have all the flyers. There's a bunch up there right now in fact, just do a search for "atari jukebox."

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