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Karate was designed by Joseph Amelio according to Arcade Express (October 10, 1982).





Ultravision enters the videogame software biz this month with two 32K GAMES FOR ATARI VCS 32K VCS-compatible cartridges. "Karate" was designed by Joseph Amelio, a man who ought to know. Amelio has 25 years experience in martial arts, and holds a black belt. The expertise he has in that field is carried over into this unusual hand-to-hand combat. The referee starts the match, and two fighters courteously bow to each other. Players score points when their on-screen counterparts land kicks or punches to the opponent's head or stomach. Each match has five two-minute rounds. The on-screen fighters wear white robes and belts that go through color changes to indicate their achievements, from white to red, brown, purple, and finally to the coveted black belt. An unusual dimensional approach allows fighters to move around each other rather than being superimposed as they pass next to one another. "Karate" can be played solitaire or by two gamers.


The second release this month is "Condor Attack", a very fast invasion game described as being for the champs. October brings a strategy action game, "Quest For the Idol", and "Spider Kong", a climbing game. Ultravision expects to market eight games by Christmas, all with superior 32K graphics and arcade-quality sound effects.


"A manufacturer should be responsible for the quality of the games he produces," says Ultravision Vice President Al Orosa. The company backs that philosophy with an unusual customer satisfaction guarantee printed on every game. "If the game doesn't excite you, test your skills or challenge your powers of concentration, return it to the manufacturer directly for credit against the purchase of another cartridge." Can't ask for better than that!

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Programmed or designed by? The way that article reads it sounds like he may have just told the programmer how the game should play but didn't do the actual coding (much like Chuck Norris didn't program his own game). I might be wrong though.

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