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Vlog of CGE2K12

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If anyone is interested, I will be vlogging the trip from PA to Vegas, Vegas to PA, and the CGE2K12 event. I will post links as the audio and video become available. Hope to catch some of the AtariAge people out there along with the events and expo floor. Should be an awesome time. Check it out if you can!



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Great event! If you didn't know me, I was the guy recording everything with the iPhone. I plan to put up a lot of the coverage here in the next day or so. I will post the links here once I do. The speaker presentations that we went to, I got on the HD camera, so those look pretty good. The stuff I got on UStream that wasn't live was also good. The live stuff is really choppy from the internet being so bad in the Plaza. Learned some valuable lessons about vlogging events that I hope to use for the future. Hope you guys enjoy them!

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Ok guys. Finally got some of the videos up and running. Just go to my youtube channel and you can view the ones I got finished. 8 so far including 5 speakers, the videogame history museum, the freeplay arcade, and more. More will be coming soon. Click the link below to be directed to the videos. If you like, please feel free to subscribe. Hopefully everyone had as great a time at CGE as I did and more will come next time. Thanks.




Youtube Channel Vids:


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