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Video showing Super Mario Atari 2600 Progress


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Hey guys. New video to show the progress of the Atari 2600 Super Mario Bros. Game I'm working on.

Video goes from World 1-1 to 1-3 and shows you some new things and sounds that you haven't experienced yet!


Update: I have multiple youtube accounts and decided to put it on my main one. The first post was on my personal video account. Since its getting a little bit of attention I wanted it on my main one so it might bring more attention to my personal animations that I have done. So I switched it and here's the updated link.



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More music, more stages, flying platforms, flying turtles, plants... Awesome, excellent! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I wonder how far you can go...

I don't know if you have space to add many stages.


If not, I was thinking the 1-4 stage in the koopa castle.

If Mario wins, then toad says "sorry our princess is in another castle", then the game starts again with more difficult, and it goes until 4th time when the princess is rescued...

How you can write "sorry our princess is in another castle" or add difficult to the same levels ??? I let that easy part with you ;)

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Good lord, this is amazing. I didn't think any kind of Super Mario Bros. game as we know it would even be possible on the 2600.


[tangent] I had a dream once, years ago when I started collecting, that I found a copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 for the 2600 at Walmart. FWIW, it was a red-label title. ;) :-D [/tangent]

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I'm chuffed that you've managed to put in my favourite Nintendo tune ever (the underground theme).


This definitely deserves a proper cart release with a box and manual! If that happens put me down for one too. :)

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Nice work! How did you accomplish the smooth horizontal scrolling? Trying to puzzle that one out!


It's not smooth. It's blocky playfield pixel to blocky playfield pixel at a time. An example of smooth horizontal scroll can be found in THIS topic. What IS impressive is that he all by his lonesome figured out how to store multi-screen map data and scroll it. Not only that, he keeps the player and other sprites pretty dead on in sync with the playfield scrolling. VERY, VERY COOL!

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Maybe it's the fact that the height of each playfield block is quite narrow that gives the illusion of smoothness or something then. Looks really, really nice :)


That's exactly what he's doing. Not sure if it's intentional though. Reminds me of the scrolling in Thexder. Maybe we can convince SpryBug to do that next :P

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