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The Intellivision Crowd Noise?


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Simple and direct question.. has anyone managed to get the 7800 to play the Intellivision's famous 'crowd' noises? (As featured in their sports games).


I'm actually thinking this would be a good first lesson for me to get started in 7800 programming, and it's something I can use for some things I had in mind for the future. But I haven't programmed a sound card directly in *mutter mutter* years, so I was wondering if this had been done, or if it was possible to look at the INTV's code to figure out how to port it over...

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What it SOUNDS like is a bell-curved volume of white noise (so, one channel) that then gets two spiralling whistles, a couple of hard 'beeps', another whistle, and two more beeps on the second channel before it fades out. You couldn't do this sound while doing any other noise (easily, making the 7800 be a sound mixer would go beyond my thoughts on this)... but it seems doable.

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