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Genesis Homebrew find Rick Dangerous


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I found this homebrew game while searching for Genesis homebrew Dev tools. I would love it if a homebrew scene would spring up for the Genesis like those that exist for the 7800 and ColecoVision. Just think how cool it would be to play perfect ports of classic arcade games on the Sega Genesis!


Here is the link to the page for the game download. It is too bad the controls don't seem to work well with the Genesis controller, but the game looks good graphicly.



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I know, +1 to that notion. Nowadays without time constraints/release dates and ROM size limits plus actual 'Fan-Love' put into them so many (mostly earlier) Genesis titles could have been SO much better than they already are. The differences between Sonic 1 and S&K, Revenge of Shinobi and Shinobi III or SoR 1 and SoR 2&3 shows what the Genny was capable of but 'impossible' to pull off early in it's life with limited system knowledge and smaller ROM chips.

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This brings back some bad memories to me... I was supposed to do a title screen and menues for this port, but never got around to finish them. Both RD games were to be bundled together.


I must really do that.


I disagree about the game looking good though. Pascal doesn't want to change the graphics, but it would really be good to do so. The graphics are straight from the Atari ST-version, so they are only 16 colors. The Genesis can easily handle 64, the graphics could be improved a LOT.


That kind of demotivated me about finishing the title screen too, knowing the game would still look a bit poor in-game.


The controls are meant to be mappable in the final release though, including use of all buttons.

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