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Looking for a SAMS card


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Anyone willing to sell a working SAMS card for a reasonable price ?


I'm looking for one that I want to use for development stuff, basically simulating a 64K bank-switched ROM-only cartridge.

I have assembly source code, and could write my own loader.


Don't need much memory, a 256K or 128K version would do fine.

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Wouldn't a GRAM Kracker be more useful for cart simulation? Ernie Pergrem has one for sale on eBay right now.


Not in this case. The plan is to simulate a 64K (8x8k) EPROM.

Actually I have a Gram Kracker which I need to repair. One of the GROMs GRAMS seems to be broken.

It was probably broken from day 1, because I never managed to reliably run Extended Basic through the GRAM Kracker.

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