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Could someone scan the Decap Attack manual for me


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I was looking for a me Genesis game to play and thought that Decap Attack looked pretty cool. There are potions and different items and I thought having the manual would be a huge + Could someone scan the manual for me. I will make it into a .pdf if I can get the scans.


If you have any comments on the game, or tips that is appreciated too.

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Seriously though, a few tips / comments:

  • The potions / items menu takes a little getting used to; not real intuitive. The visual effects of the potions are pretty cool, but some cant be used on bosses, which is a bummer.
  • Make sure you get all five gold coins during each three stage world arc. These are used on a path matching roulette bonus stage and with some practice and timing you can rack up the extra lives, or just put one coin on each of the five paths to guarantee at least one extra life.
  • Practice your floaty jumping, it will save your ass. It also helps in refilling your life hearts by landing directly on the flagpoles repeatedly.
  • Turn the volume up; the music and sound effects are my favorite part.

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You can find a scan of the manual for Decap Attack here:




Upon clicking the above link, click on the M button ( M for manual) at the far right of the screen on the line for Decap Attack. You'll have to click on the navigation arrow to read one page of the manual at a time, but at least it's all there.

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