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Myide 2 for Atari 8 bit from Atarimax / mr Atari

fernando marrin

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Yeah, sorry, SIDE is used in the configuration for FAT32-access "as is"


Creator is Candle and I used the first 8k rom version he released for SIDE and MyIDE long time ago.

I added some small patches to make it work in certain situations.


You can add his latest MyIDE XEX-version to your workbook.

Pity it can't be added to the MyBIOS 4.8.05 configuration since it's larger then 8k.

Also the TIME/DATE is not removed by Candle in this version.

Perhaps he releases a better MyIDE-version in future.


I did a small patch to start-up a CF in MyIDE-II

So again, use "as is"

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Hidden Folders should not be seen by the SIDE loader, but if they are ... while CF is in the PC turn off RECYCLE for this drive and DELETE same.. Also delete SYSTEM VOLUME..


It's an IDE flash drive so the system really doesn't like you removing System Volume Information.

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