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Sega Fusion auction pool


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Hmmm...3 posts here. What assurance do the donors have that their donation will be refunded should your attempt fail?


Also, I could be wrong, but I think someone else might want to own this item then have it donated to Classic Game Room who already has tons of gaming goodness related items constantly donated and gifted to him.

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I guess I take the Indiana Jones view. "It belongs in a museum."

With a window of only one week, this was the quickest thing I could think to do.


Not sure what to tell you as far as assurances. I'll see if there's a Paypal refund guarantee setting I could attach.

If there's someone with a solid rep who would like to take the torch, I'll go with that.


Meanwhile, here's my eBay profile.


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This is a homebrew project. While it is uber cool, I don't see this as being something that needs to be in a museum. If this was a working Sega Neptune, then OK I can see that.. but it's not.


People make cool homebrew projects all the time. While this is pretty bad ass amongst homebrew projects it still doesn't really have any historical significance. At any point somebody could do something similiar to this in the future.


Just my 2 cents.

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It really is slick work that's been done on that console, but I have to admit it's kind of a funny selection of games that come bundled in that auction. I mean, Vectorman 1&2, TMNT Tournament Fighters and Road Rash 2? Haha, something tells me whoever ends up buying this thing won't be doing so to score those elusive jewels.

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$600+ already? Big Whoop! It's cute and nice work but a CDX with 32x is smaller and costs less even with the box. :?


Now, if it played Saturn as well.... :evil:


The only problem with the CDX/32X combo is that you can't easily play 2-disk games, since the 32X blocks the CD door.

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