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Broken X'eye

number six

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So I bought this X'eye at a Flea Market probably 10 years ago. It was loose for $15. Got it home, plugged in a genesis 1 power supply.. nada. It sits in a box for the next 10 years.


For whatever reason i pull it out again and think maybe its worth a 2nd look. D'uh.. uses a different power supply. Compatible (though apparently not recommended) with a Genesis 2. Grab a Genesis 2 P/S plug it in and huzzah! It fires up for the first time this century.


Not so fast though. Nothing really works. The X'eye CD screen will come up with no cartridge inserted but all it says is 'put disc on tray', put a disc on tray hit start.. goes to the CD player doesn't spin disc up. All you can do is format the internal RAM nothing else works.


Put a cartridge in and nada. Well once i got the 'licensed by sega' splash screen but then nothing and never have gotten even that back.


So question...


Is it worth fixing? Is there a common failure point to check?


I've noticed you can bag an X'eye for under $100 working on eBay so that seems like the best 'fix' here but before I dumped this out or gave it to my electronics buddy to mess with i thought I'd ask :) Not having to deal with my SegaCD tower is very attractive and it's either this or a CD-X. I kinda like the X'eye because its more console like and I could take it to my show without worring about somebody walking off with it.

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I would recommend trying it with a proper power supply. There have been reports of disc problems when using a model 2 supply. Also, there is a common problem where the disc door closed button sticks down and the unit does ot detect that you have opened it. There are documents out on how to fix that but I don't have the link handy.

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Dude, you shouldn't have waited so long. On Sega-16 there was a guy about 5 years ago, and he also bought a defective X'Eye. Thing is, he sent it to Sega of America and they replaced it with a new one for 50 Dollars!


So, they still had a bunch of them lying around around 2007 and replaced broken units when asked; they may well be all gone now. Getting a brand-new X'Eye for so litle money would be a major deal.

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