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Future Suggestion: Sky Skipper


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I have a future suggestion, although I acknowledge the suggestion is rather late.




It's Sky Skipper. Its release history is odd: the arcade version of this 1981 Nintendo title was only released in Japan, but for some reason Parker Brothers still saw enough potential from it to be given a U.S. release. It did so in 1983, but only on the Atari 2600 VCS.


The non-release of the game outside Japan is widely attributed to the then-continuing success of Nintendo's other 1981-released arcade hit, Donkey Kong. In fact, one of the stage clear tunes is an extended version of DK's stage start tune ("How High Can You Get?").


The plot of the game is this: a herd of gorillas, obviously influenced by Donkey Kong, have captured the King and the royal family, and it's up to a pilot, named Mr. You!, to save them all.


Thus I say: if Coleco were to have been the licensee of Sky Skipper, instead of Parker Brothers, I'd be liable to think Coleco would not only have released the game for its ColecoVision console, but it may also recycle the DK stage start tune from the ColecoVision cartridge version of DK, as well as using the even-numbered chain level clear tune from Donkey Kong, Jr. (Super Game).



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