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Classic Video Game Challenge - Maplewood, MN Nov 10, 2012


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The family and I saw "Wreck It Ralph" yesterday and there were posters and flyers in the theater for a classic video game event coming up this weekend in the Twin Cities (Minnesota).


The flyers direct you to a Facebook page for the event.


For those of you who don't have access to Facebook, I've copied the info below.








A fun & friendly video game competition that helps stock local food shelves!


The Video Game Challenge is a fun way to help stock up our local food shelves! Play games, win prizes and help those in need! Compete in a classic video game tournament, play some really cool old games and help out your community - what could be more fun?



What is the Classic Video Game Challenge?


The CVGC is a fun way to fight hunger in your community by playing video games! Registered players play classic video games to achieve the highest score. The player with the highest score wins fabulous prizes!


Where is it being held?


The CVGC will be held at the NALC BRANCH 28 facility located at 1715 Van Dyke Street in Maplewood. The building is directly across the street from the Plaza Maplewood Theatre and next to a car wash.


When is it?


Saturday, November 10, 2012


What does it cost?


Registration for the day costs $3 plus two (2) non-perishable canned goods.


If this is a food drive, why do we need money?


The registration money collected goes toward tournament expenses such as prizes, advertising, printing, renting of equipment, transportation, etc.


What time does the competition start?


Doors open at 10:00am. The tournament ends at 6:00pm.


Do I really need to play video games for 8 hours?


You say that like it’s a bad thing! No, there are a set number of games and scores that are achievable. It should only take you approximately one hour to complete the challenge. The 8 hour time span allows players to take breaks and gives everyone the opportunity to play and enjoy themselves at their own pace.


So how exactly does it work?


When you register, you will be given a scorecard. The scorecard will be used to keep track of your performance on every video game in the tournament. You must have your scorecard filled out and turned in by the time the tournament ends. Event staff will log your score from each game onto your scorecard. These individual scores will be added together to give you your “total score.” If your total score is higher than all other players, you are the tournament champion!


When do I get my prize?


The winner will be announced at 7:00pm. You must be present to win. All prizes will be available for you and must be taken home that day.


What are the prizes?


First Prize is $100 cash, a year’s supply of AMP Energy Drink and a year’s supply of free movies to the Plaza Maplewood Theatre in Maplewood. Additional prizes will be announced at the event.


Is it really a year’s supply of AMP Energy Drink?


Sort of. You get 12 cases, basically a case per month which breaks down to almost one per day. If you are really drinking more energy drinks than that, you should see a doctor!


So what games will be played at the competition?


The names of the games will be kept secret until the day of the competition. This will allow everyone to compete on a slightly more level playing field. All of the games played will be “classic” video games from virtually any platform prior to 1995. There are some real surprises in store for you!


How many chances at a game will I get?


Everyone gets one chance at each game. Whatever your score is at the end, that’s it!


One chance at each game? Are you serious?


Not really. For an additional two (2) canned goods, you can purchase a “Re-Do.” This will allow you to play a game again and try to improve your score. There is a maximum of three (3) “Re-Do’s” per game.


Are the games appropriate for all ages?


Yes. All games will be rated either E or T. No M (Mature) or excessively violent/sexual games will be a part of the competition


Will there be food available?


Yes, food and beverages will be available for purchase at the event.

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