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A Fine cmart Day! (Beware, Here Be Pictures)


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After being pleasantly awakened 3 hours before my alarm by the plumbing fairies, I was alerted to having a package at ye olde poste officee. Knowing it could be one of 5 or so things, I quickly ran out to pick it up. Aha. This must be a CMart-y pac- OHMAHGAWD THATS A BIG BOX. I carefully slit it open to inspect what delights dwell within :) Also, I won 't need bubble wrap for eons. :thumbsup:






This box easily doubles the size of the one I sent him, mind you, the contents are much more awesome, in my eyes.






The one thing I knew would be in the box, and another Coleco game I didn't have, Carnival



What may seem as boring commons are the last 2 Sports Network Games in absolutely awesome condition.



These kinda floored me, I was not expecting anything this awesome!





I know better than to not fully examine boxes. I lost the remote for my record player that way :/






Again, this is awesome. I am truly stuck for words (as seen by the repetition of awesome :P) I am glad that I could help you with your DK Alts, but THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH for bumping me up over the halfway mark to 71 games!


one more picture of the new happy family :)




(sorry about the change in pic quality. apparently my standalone camera is picky inside the house. )

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lol I shipped your stuff today from that lot where you wanted two cartridges. Well looks like you got an upgrade bc that lot the two carts were loose. :) Now you have a spare Carnival. Same guy at the post office today and he would let me ship any pez. Same excuse

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Day is just getting better and better. I walk into work, and showed my coworker the pics, and he's like 'That's funny, cause I brought these for you today' and hands me two PC games, Mortal Kombat II for DOS and NHL 98 for PC. The day can't get much better than this. :)


Sure it can get better ... just replace "coworker" with "Emma Stone" and add "and I can come over tonight and play with you!"


Hmm ... or was I supposed to post this in my "dreaming" thread ...

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i thought it was "shop smart. shop s-mart"


Yep, it is S-mart ... but the package came from Cmart so I modified for the situation.


mmmm emma stone..... yummy! :)


In love ever since Zombieland ... Zombie action and Emma Stone, one of the greatest movies EVER!

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