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E-Jagfest is over, and it's about time we get some updates about the games shown there into public; especially those who are good on their way.


So it's time for an official thread on Karate World Tour!


Jagfest visitors could try out an early build of the game, and now we are proud to present it to the Atari Age community. "We", that is matashen who is doing the coding and myself who is drawing the graphics; with the final board being designed by Lynxman when it's time.


Karate World Tour is a one-on-one competetive fighting game; a genre sorely missing on the Lynx to this day. It is inspired by early western fighting games, namely classics like International Karate and the Way of the Exploding Fist.. This means: no fireballs or quarter-circle plus punch moves, but a more realistic Karate simulation. No energy bars, but points. Just like a real Karate tournament.


Highlight of the game will be the 2-player-Comlynx-mode. We hope that Atari fans everywhere will enjoy this game on events like the Jagfest in the future, we want it to become a favorite for occasions where Atarians gather. As with all of matashen's games you will also be able to save your highscores and possibly win/loss-ratio.


You can expect all the moves and smooth animation you know from games like IK; nothing is ripped though, but carefully recreated for the Lynx' lower resolution. We will try to put many different locations for the fights in, four of which you can see right here (work in progress). Generally speaking, while our game is inspired by the classics we hope to make it even better if we can.


We ope to get this game done in time for a 2013 release; it would be nice to have the first official championships held in November at the e-Jagfest 2013. But we cannot promise that yet, as Green Little Quak-Quak is the top-priority, but Karate World Tour will come right after it.


So without further delay, here's the latest screenshots. :)


post-21561-0-20960000-1354066792_thumb.png post-21561-0-35664800-1354066805_thumb.png

post-21561-0-45322200-1354066820_thumb.png post-21561-0-67242600-1354066835_thumb.png

post-21561-0-47053300-1354066850_thumb.png post-21561-0-81322900-1354066862_thumb.png

post-21561-0-81288200-1354066874_thumb.png post-21561-0-45910700-1354066889_thumb.png

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So glad you guys like it. It's a very fun (and very extensive) project for me, with lots of graphics to do. The animation frames alone took a while, there's more than 30 different ones for the fighters at this time (and many are reused for various moves) and I can really have fun doing all kinds of backgrounds. I can do so much here with few restrictions. :)


For matashen I imagine it's more stress since a fighting game requires very accurate hit detection and controls in general. And there's Comlynx, where every delay in transmitting a command between Lynxes can make or break a match. But I'm sure he will get it done. :)


After KWT is done we will hopefully do a more modern fighting game as well. It will take time, but it's a dream of mine and the experience made with this will be valuable. :)


Awesome!!!! Ive started on a Cabal clone - sounds like we could have some good games in 2013 =)


Cabal, like the Capcom shooter? Would be a great addition of mindless action for the Lynx. :)


I love your artwork, very IK+, and the jagfest event location is cool lol. How about adding a bonus round where you have to smash lynxes (instead of wood), with bare fists lol


Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, hitting Lynx-systems may be a good idea for the bonus stage. And in Exploding Fist there was a final round where you had to punch a bull coming at you on the forehead... we could do that with a Jaguar ( Lynx would be a bit small).^^

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Cabal, like the Capcom shooter? Would be a great addition of mindless action for the Lynx. :)

Yes, I couldn't decide what kind of game to do, so I am going to create the games that never were for the Lynx. Possibly Vindicators if I manage to finish Cabal. The graphics are really tricky at Lynx size - theres a real skill in managing to get detail with 16 colours, your pixel art is sweet!

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Really awesome!!!

I love the originality of the backgrounds :)

It's always nice to see conversions of classics on our retro-systems, but what really injects new life to them are games with an original edge :)

And with these very cool Atari related locations, the game already got all the marks :thumbsup: Gives them a touch of that typical Lynx / Jaguar oddity ...

Will be definitely great if you can pack in quite a few more original scenes.

(how about a couple of locations revisiting some Lynx games for example)

Hope you will also get to animate the background characters to some extent.


A superb effort in any case :thumbsup:

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I sure did, though some also told me that I can't win with that kind of a project; because basically people have expectations for IK, and by just meeting them (no matter how difficult that may be on the hardware) you can't impress because people will only see it's the same as they already know. So we must try harder to get the edge over IK in some aspects. :)

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