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Color Compatibility Tool for use with Stella or your Harmony Cart

Random Terrain

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I wanted something similar to the NTSC Atari 2600 Color Compatibility Tool that would work on a real Atari 2600, but I didn't know of a good way to display hexadecimal numbers. Thanks to RevEng's score_graphics.asm, the score can easily display hexadecimal numbers, so I was able to finish this tool.









As it says on the bB page, the Atari 2600 has 16 unique hues and each hue has 8 luminosity levels.




The Screen


The screen shows 8 luminosity levels for the current hue. Move the joystick up or down to change the hue. Up increases the number and down decreases it.




The Sprite


There are 3 copies of the sprite. You might ask, "why 3?" And I'd answer "why not?" Move the joystick left or right to change the luminosity level or to roll over to the next hue. Left decreases the number and right increases it.


Hold down the fire button while moving the joystick left or right to skip directly to the next hue.

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